Making Money With Twitter

This is the bestselling book in the world on Twitter specifically written to make money online. Twitter Power 2.0 will wipe away all the confusion surrounding how to use this explosive new social media tool for company/product branding, lead generation and direct sales.

This guide is a must have for anyone serious about wanting to implement Twitter into their business model. And if it is not in your business model you are missing out on a huge volume of possible business.



Here is what Anthony Robbins has to say about Twitter Power 2.0:

Anthony Robbins: Personal Achievement Guru

Anthony Robbins: Personal Achievement Guru


“In Twitter Power 2.0, Joel Comm provides us with the tools, techniques, and benefits for growing our network of resources to create even more fulfilling connections. He shows us the powerful uses of Twitter for brand expansion, building a community that ultimately enriches us personally and professionally and allows us to grow and contribute beyond ourselves.”
-Anthony Robbins

Joel Comm is a leading new media marketing strategist and has been creating commercially successful websites since 1995. He is a highly sought after speaker at marketing and personal development conferences. He is also the author of The AdSense Code, A New York Times and BusinessWeek bestseller.



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