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The Wealthy Affiliate Is The Most Comprehensive Internet Marketing Training Program

Our R&D staff have reviewed thousands of internet marketing programs and products and The Wealthy Affiliate stands number one as an all-inclusive Affiliate Marketing training program. This simply means, they cover all the bases of making money with affiliate programs. There are quite a few good products out there but none that touches every single aspect of internet marketing and with varying levels of training; from the the beginner to the intermediate and the expert. Yes, even expert marketers have much to learn with this remarkable learning system.


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This is the bread and butter of the program. There is a beginners section that is accompanied with a section called “Bootcamp” that will walk you through each stage of the process, from picking a niche to keyword research to building a website to SEO and finally marketing the website/product. Each of the sections come with easy to follow instructions along with an extensive library of video tutorials. Once you graduate from the “beginner” level you can move on to more in-depth areas of study regarding making money with affiliate programs.


There are over 1,000 training modules to be found!




Real live internet marketing experts who can answer any question, which can also include the analysis of your site(s) and they will come back with game changing advice. This component is what many internet marketers need yet do not have. Ask any successful marketer and a high percentage of them will tell you they received coaching along the way and continue to. You will also have the opportunity to form a relationship with a coach who you can view as your own “personal” coach, not simply a random person without a name.



This is another form of coaching but is more immediate, to once again, ask any question and that you will receive in real time. When you need something answered now and you just do not want to wait another minute.


  • FORUM:

The Wealthy Affiliate forum contains 10s of thousands of members who you can learn from and also ask questions and build relationships with because relationships are important in this business. This could be a great place to find others with similar marketing interests who you can join forces with, which can make all the difference in the world. You can even seek jobs here or post jobs so there are many levels of usefulness.




Right inside the dashboard there is a “Build My Website” tab that will allow you to build as many websites as you want in a WordPress environment. Furthermore, in the same panel you can pick free domains and hosting or transfer your free site to your own hosting plan. This enables one to create many SEO landing pages at a startling pace, without having technical now-how and there are plenty of training modules to help you along with support so if you have never built a website before – not a problem.




Of course you can use your own domains and hosting, at the very least this function can be used to create excellent traffic generating websites to your money site(s) or to go after the endless keywords out there with low traffic. Use your imagination!




The dashboard is another essential component to what is offered through this innovative training program. Organization and efficiency are essential ingredients to the internet marketing game because information overload is very real and is the number one predator gobbling up one individual after another so it helps you safeguard from this disturbing issue. The WA Dashboard gives you everything on one page like Live Chat, The Website Builder, The Forum, Training Modules…etc. Making money with affiliate programs begins to make real sense after you dip into the feast of information that is available.



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