Copywriting That Sells

If you had to pick the best web copywriter ever many of the big time internet marketing pros, without hesitation, would say Mark Joyner. If you have never heard the name, he is one of the true legends and innovators of internet marketing. He gives the ultimate breakdown on copywriting that sells.


The Irresistible Offer is Mark Joyner’s masterpeice and sits as a landmark book of the how-to of copywriting although, not simply web copywriting but any form; print, radio or TV. With this one book you will never have to purchase another training program on copywriting again. It cuts to the nitty-gritty quickly with real life examples.



In an ad format of 4 lines The Irresistible Offer will teach you:

  • What are you trying to sell me?
  • What is the cost?
  • Why should I believe you?
  • What is in it for me?

Master this and you will see incredible increases in profit. This is the juice fortune 500 companies use because they realise if you don’t hook interest in the 1st 2 seconds their gone.

Strangely, copywriting is often overlooked, shoved under the table as one of those things that we do and we all know how to do, because after all we speak in the English language and at least have a high school diploma so we obviously can write and of course write ad copy. This is a profound mistake. Copywriting that sells is a high art and one needs to understand the ingredients that go with it.

Copywriting is a serious skill and might be the number one most important factor in being a successful internet marketer. Many of the marketing training programs out there do not stress this enough and often times glance over it in a blasé manner.