The Ultimate Sales Machine: (Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies) by Chet Holmes

“The key lesson I’ve learned again and again, ever since I was a kid studying karate, is that mastery is not about being special or more gifted than anyone else. Mastery is a direct result of pigheaded discipline and determination.”

– Chet Holmes


The Ultimate Sales Machine-With Chet


The late great Chet Holmes was truly one of the supreme masters of sales – any kind of sales. He has worked with over 60 of the fortune 500 companies. He ran nine divisions for Charlie Munger (Billionaire and partner of Warren Buffett), and doubled sales for each division and he did this consecutively for several years before leaving to start his own companies as well as writing and producing movies in Hollywood. Munger stated that Holmes was, “America’s greatest sales and marketing executive.”

What does this have to do with internet marketing? Everything, because selling is no different whether you are face to face, on a phone, sending out direct mail or selling online. He is also a web marketing expert though this sales masterpiece The Ultimate Sales Machine is about communication on all levels regarding finding, selling and closing sales deals, regardless of the platform or circumstance.

There are enough bottomless pits that internet marketers fall into and one rarely discussed, is selling to an actual human via the phone or face to face. To ignore these elements is a devistating mistake and if you want to continue with this mistake because you actually have been successful with it, fine, but you can still pull vast amounts of copywriting and sales techniques that can be directly applied to online marketing.

Here is an excerpt from The Ultimate Sales Machine. It probes how to overcome objections from the client when trying to close a sale:

However, even with great questions early in the sales process, an objection can still surface when it is time to close the sale. But if you remember that an objection is an opportunity to close, you will always be happy to hear one. For example, the client states this objection: “I’d love to buy it, but I just can’t afford it right now.” You should agree that the objection is valid. Always agree with the objection. The clients will drop their guard. You might say, “Well, that’s certainly a good reason not to invest in this today. [meaningful pause] But let me ask you a question: Is money the only thing standing between you and the purchase of the product?” At this point, if there are more objections, they will surface. If not, the client will say, “No, if I could afford it, I’d buy it.”

So when someone throws an objection, if you isolate the objection, you have just moved a huge step closer to closing the sale. Now it’s up to you to lock down the sale. You say, “So if I can find a way for you to afford this product, you will buy it?” If the client says yes, you have just closed the sale. You will now need to be more creative in the financing of the product or service to help create more desire, showing how not buying it will cost them a lot more in the long run.

This is only one of hundreds of methods that Chet teaches, real life techiques he has used throughout his 30 plus year career, methods he has used for the fortune 500 with incredible success.

This seminal sales book also contains strategies specifically related to SEM though the key here is to remember that you are always selling and marketing, not just when you are behind your computer. The Ultimate Sales Machine is not simply another pump book (it has that also) though, it breaks the entire sales process down in a step-by-step manner which anyone can follow and employ whether you are a fortune 500 company or a one person army.



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